Stoke Travel 2014, a year to spend smashed!

Well it’s a new travel season and that means beaches, surf, sunshine, festivals and lots of alcohol… if you like any 2 of those then Stoke Travel will hook you up with the trip of a lifetime.

I used to work for them personally and there will be some stories derived from this period which I may or may not tell my kids… but the grandchildren definitely…. by then I’ll be old so… fuck it.


They have some crazy new stuff this year, the highlight being a massive trip to the World Cup in Brazil, where they will provide you with food and accommodation during the entire tournament.

Good nights are what Stoke is all about so I doubt the games will be the only thing that keep you occupied during your stay.. with trips through to Rio on the regular!


Then of course there are the classics such as Ibiza weekends, which will be as insane as you are. Followed by surf camps in Morocco for when you wanna come down from your intense Ibiza high. With a special for Spring Break ;)


Not only that but we have trips to Amsterdam, San Vino (Wine Fight!!!), San Fermin (Bull Run!!), La Tomatina (Tomato Fight!), Fete de Bayonne, Greece, Croatia and all sorts of other crazy shit which I will update you on with more information but one blog post simply cannot represent how fucking amazing this company is and what they do… not to forget that we have the king of all Festivals, with record setting attendances… OKTOBERFEST! both of them ;)

Not to mention boat parties in Barcelona ;)

all of which are available for discounted price with my promo code:

“One Love”

ps. they are always looking for new recruits ;)


Life Plans

Been back in Bermuda since Summer and I must say paradise is nice… but being on an island 35 kilometers long can get pretty boring after a while, so I’ve been making plans to leave permanently… only problem is that they keep running into hiccups.

October time I found a job at a gym since I desire to become a fitness trainer and yoga teacher, so I can travel the world, promote a healthy living and accomplish a dream of smoking a J with Buddhist monks. :D

Turns out my now ex-boss was a hyperactive former bodybuilding champion who is the definition of arrogance and suffered from drastic mood swings due to the enhancements he takes, plus I didn’t learn anything in relation to training from him so I left.

During this period real estate came to mind so I decided to study for that and took an exam to become licensed a few weeks ago, since I’m going to be meeting new people everyday it seemed logical. Unfortunately yesterday I find out I missed the pass rate by 1%….really?!??! re-test is in April and I’m acing that shit so I can move on with my life and make some serious money, fortunately the market’s slow I’m not missing out on much.

On the upside I might get an internship at a gym with good employee reviews and I quickly noticed why… all the workers there were women, and they were all hot!! Front desk woman, middle aged local milf who was really sweet and kinda flirtatious talking to me prior to my interview. 

My interviewer? a gorgeous blonde from Poland who was far more informative about how to go far in the industry than my ex-boss as I learned more from her in 5 minutes than I did from he in a whole month. Plus she’s a traveler, and I seem to get along with them the best.

Then the owner, the milf of all milf’s comes out to greet me in a brief but hard to forget cameo… and the atmosphere of the place in general was so chill and everyone got along, something that never happened in the first gym. 

That ranks among my best ever interviews.

I hope I get it because this is the career path I wanna take….and because the workforce would be easy on the eye. 

If personal fitness training means this situation happens on a regular basis… then I am so in!!