Lolo’s Castle

An old friend of mine just moved back home and started work…”Back to reality” she said and as part of her job she’s trying to promote her parents’ hotel.

I noticed her add me to a Facebook page she created and asked what’s up… she just wanted me to share it but I offered to write a post as well…. since writing is what I do now.

Honestly I don’t know much about the castle…it’s big and looks pretty fucking amazing, and to see Lolo again would be cool so a visit is on the cards.

But what I can say is that Lolo is a really sweet girl who used to make me some of the best dinners when we were neighbours…  also she was always up for a chat and never filtered what was on her mind. XD

Since, she along with her roommates helped make my summer 2010 so special…. With great nights out and crazy Need For Speed (video game) sessions I still have a small reunion in mind with the lot, so the least I can do is write this.

So rather than just mention what little I know about the place…although it does look really pretty I must admit. I’d rather focus that the people behind it are genuinely good people and will treat you well.

So in case France is on your mind, you can contact her here:


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