Ibiza, it’s the island everyone talks about during summer….but not for relaxing in sunshine, but rather getting’ SMASHED BEYOND YOUR LIMITS IN IT!!

The small island off the East coast of Spain is renowned for some having the best parties, DJ’s and clubs in this STOKED!! World we live in and it’s a place I see myself goin’ to this summer.

Just a short boat trip from either Valencia or Barcelona….or flight if you don’t wanna have an awesome boat party like we are at STOKETRAVEL!!!

With us you get an overnight boat party to the land of no rules, 2 nights at a beachfront resort, which I doubt you’ll spend much time in ;)…… because you’ll be too busy getting smashed at our OPEN BAR!!

Before you stumble down to one of the many clubs, such as Pacha, which we CONQUERED last time out, May 24th-28th are the dates…I’ll have shots waitin for you when you get there!!

With us the works done for you…all you have to do is well…show up!!

  • At home, worrying about work or University
  • Or partying it up in IBIZA!!!
And remember kids… Party Hard… PARTY STOKE!!!