Surviving (Pt. 2)

A while back I wrote about how I moved back to Barcelona for work in order to appreciate the value of money and hard work, well I’m starting an internship next week in real estate for a company called Area Casa.

As my hours with Stoke Travel are flexible I thought I’d check for something in another industry, and real estate popped up!

This will mean I can easily pay my rent and maybe still have some left over to do some weekend trips to see friends in nearby cities.


Living with locals is still pretty chill as we just talk about our plans, work and me being a crazy bastard that goes to run with bulls… I sensed the anticipation when I came back.

What I also respect is that we all put in an equal share to maintain the house, 10 euros each a month for cleaning utensils and we all have a common area to clean on a semi-weekly basis that rotates.

I just cleaned the kitchen actually…kind of why I’m writing this.

But as most men, cleaning is not one of my favourite things to do…so I found a way to make it fun.

I roll one, spark it…play some music, get out all the cleaning material and dance away ‘til the rooms spotless… cuz there’s no way I can do that sober without getting bored.

So… as life after University begins to flow… I got to say it feels good.


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