The Stoke Chronicles: Running with Bulls

Not entirely sure about whether or not I’d be on the bus to Pamplona I was just chillin’ and makin’ some breakfast.

To receive a phone call saying,

“Randy, I remember you telling me you wanted to be on the bus, be at the stop in 2 hours.”


Stoke put me in charge of my own drunk bus to Pamplona…and was it good!!

One guy had already passed out after having drunk a bottle of absinthe, so people drawing on him and drinking was the methods of preparation for the festival to come.

On the way I made some friends and after handing out drinks to everyone we set off to join the party. Concerts, sit-offs and bars were buzzing everywhere, as everyone wore the traditional San Fermin kit.

Sparking one in a circle we all take a few hits and move on to the massive concert metres away…swerving to the front we hear the full base behind local rock artists with the crowd going nuts.

What most people don’t know is that prior to the actual Running of the Bulls, they have an opening ceremony where the entire city gets completely fucked on an all-nighter, and those with energy remaining run in the morning.

Meeting some locals our crew gets to improve their Spanish as they learn the basics such as porro…. which means joint.

Constant rolling and drinking led to some wild dancing as some of the interns performed insane grinding sessions with locals that made half the club stop n’ stare.

After more partying my memory gets blurry but somehow we made it to the bull ring in time for the race…at 8am.

No idea how time flew so fast!!

Vaguely I recall workers setting up the borders whilst we partied and set us down a funnel for insane bar drinking. As people sit on top of the fence we grab our spot and wait for the runners.

Personally… I was too fucked to walk or see straight, let alone be chased by a horned behemoth.. but it was fun watchin it!!

Hundreds of people dash into the ring as they’re chased by 5 or 6 raging bulls and as I see a few people from my bus run in…I can’t help but feel some pride.

As the bulls throw a few drunk bastards airborne you begin to think…oh shit this can get real, but as they get up like nothing happened you just laugh and enjoy the show.

But, bulls are not meant to be fucked with!!

Getting back to the station I see people passed out on the floor in groups of 40 or more from the night and I think…damn I know I have to look after them but…. It’s worth it.

There’s one week left for this festival, and our next big one is La Tomatina (The Tomato Fight!!)

If you wanna join the party hit me up.

*One Love*


4 responses to “The Stoke Chronicles: Running with Bulls

  1. The crazy things people do in the name of having fun. I am both glad and sad you didn’t actually run. I think it would have been interesting if you had but I certainly wouldn’t have wanted you to get hurt. I don’t care what you say being tossed by a bull has got to hurt like hell when the adrenaline wears off!

  2. My buddies did the bull run back in the early 2000’s during highschool and saw Dennis Rodman. He was pushing small people out of the way. Stupid jerk rodman.

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