Bull Run!!

San Fermin; a fucked up idea that can only be construed by a drunk and crazy bastard. What I’m referring to of course is the annual Running of the Bulls, held in Pamplona…this year from July 4th-14th.

It’s something I’ve always wanted to do… but I’ve been a crazy bastard for years so it only seems logical. Unfortunately, San Fermin has caused controversy as there are always a few deaths in relation to the event.

But if Pamplona still holds the event its fine with me…. (secret gulp over the safety of my life).

Also I’m certain the motivation of not getting crushed will inspire me to break all of Usain Bolts’ records.  But I’m sure the crowds of San Fermin cheering us on will provide the necessary boost for survival.

Plus with Stoke providing a drunken bus ride all the way down there with a BBQ and more drinking once in Pamplona…I wouldn’t be sober enough to fear anything during the run anyway.

As I’ll be dashing around the corner rockin’ the San Fermin kit with a raging bull behind me… take a picture. 🙂

So hop on the Stoke bus to Pamplona!!

If you wanna ride your luck at San Fermin…feel free to join me at stoketravel.com

Promo code: One Love


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