How not to study for a final exam

What would you say is the normal thing to do on the eve of a final exam? Stay in…cram your ass off and hope to Christ you remember everything when the time comes… not I on this particular night.

Summer of 2010, I spent living with McCone in Barca to write my thesis…and Bergholdt from How Men Drink said he was coming back with friends for a few days.

Misfortune meant we couldn’t meet until his last night…. which was the night before my final… yaaayyy :D.

McCone left town to be with his family, but before he left I asked to him call me at 8 tomorrow morning in case things got out of hand.

I asked the new neighbours to knock on my door as well…. to be safe.

Meeting at a sushi spot for dinner I meet everyone and we started storing up for heavy drinking later…. we decided to have a few beers there of course. 😉

After dinner he said pre-drinks were at his flat and we’ll meet in a bit… so I prep for the night and grab a near full bottle of vodka from the fridge.

When I get there and plop the bottle on the table and he looks to me and says…

“Great…. That’s your bottle.”

Huh???? All that’s already planned just for me?

I soon found out why…we played a Danish card game and I turned out to be complete shit and had to down a glass of vodka for every loss…. And I lost every time!!

I went through the vodka in 15 minutes, and it turned out I had owed a drink since the bottle ran out…thus Bergholdt instantly shared his whiskey and poured me a massive shot to down…. What a friend.

I take it like a champ and we go to the club…where he bought more Vodka bottles in VIP… mas alcohol mas!!

He bought a total of 3 bottles and as the girls quit drinking for the night it was up to us to prevent wasting.

Flirting with a hot Russian I couldn’t form a sentence…or successive steps. Yet somehow I managed to get home…can’t remember how though. :/

Anyways… McCone called me at 8am like I asked, and I woke up, face planted on the floor….and then passed out. The neighbours then knocked, I thought it was a dream…eventually 30 minutes after my exam started my University calls me.

“Where are you?” they ask.

My response…..”Meh”

Eventually I gather myself and managed to make it to the exam near passing out. My professors instantly noticed my condition and asked if I went out last night.


He smirks and just points me to my seat so I can make up for lost time.

I scored an A-, now that’s how to study for an exam 😉


7 responses to “How not to study for a final exam

    • hehe i had lots of practice back then but it definitely wasn’t easy, i even blacked out for a moment during the exam….now I’ve cooled down a lot though, so I highly doubt i would survive it if i tried it again today, but its a good story 🙂

  1. This is a real answer! i was not the sharpest loaf in the tool shed. But since one of my teachers told me this 239 years ago i have used it before any important exam and interview. He told me P1 that if i did not understand the subjet 24 hours before the exam no amount of cramming would work. P2 for 10-15 minutes before the exam find some greenm speace and breath in clear air and clear the mind. P3 as soon as i had the exam paper in fornt of me wrire down as many important facts about the subject i could remember. P4 enjoy.

    • true and we all do that but sometimes we can remember things from last night and it does help to do some work, but for the post i just wrote cramming cuz i felt kinda lazy to go through it all to be honest lol

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