Dub-steppin through London

As a traveller I find that the nightlife of a city often reflects the ambience it exerts during the day. A chill n casual place like my home nation Bermuda often listen to slow tunes which you grind and dance to…..then others like the massive power that is Berlin have a unique blend of deep house and electro music.

Dub wasn’t on my mind until I met another laaiidd back, ganja-smokin’ island boy from Mauritius called Vip (yes, like Very Important Person) who’s like a brotha’ from anotha’ motha’ to be honest. Introduced over a joint, he told me of a few dub-step clubs that were making waves in the city, Fabric and Cable.

The latter…. became like a second home.

A hole-in-the-wall club located near London Bridge tube station…. its not something your average tourist would find without some help.

And although I’m a self-confessed lover of Mary Jane…I can appreciate the stress relief and warm feeling provided by club drugs, especially considering the tension that comes with everyday life in London.

But people after dark in London are probably the nicest you can encounter, although it may have been all the MD going around….the club was just….a ‘happy place’.

Vip and I would go for the love of the music and with local DJ’s playin the best dub-step around and MC’s bustin’ raw lyrics…you can often find yourself on top of one of the giant speakers shirtless actin’ a fool.

With familiar faces, the club has a family-like atmosphere…and often people would sit in little hippie circles whilst smoking a ciggie/joint outside for a rest and talk.

Swaying from left to right as your sitting down because your so fucked, you meet people from all over the world, such as South Africa, Bulgaria and of course Spain, all there for the love of Dub.

Eventually our homegirl Deej had to get in on the act and damn that girl can sweat, often having to ask strangers for hair clips, looking like she just finished swimming.

But damn she knows how to party…. teasing every guy in the club with her ass-shaking… as you often get entire crowds stopping just to stare, or fan her off with their hats.

Flying around Pluto on a jumbo jet pack, the MD provides you with boundless energy and good feelings til sunrise…. With break-dancing, mosh-pits, costumes and girls jumping around in only booty shorts and a bra…. each night was unforgettable.

The only let down was that we lived so far away from the club…. and after dancing 7+ hours straight high on MD, your body crashes like you’ve ran 3 marathons.

But is it worth it? Fuck yea.

I recently took an old high school friend there as well…his verdict?

“The best club I’ve ever been to.”

Although I’m currently in Barcelona where clubs can be otherworldly…  my personal Bible of party stories will forever have a separate testament to Dub-step in London.


5 responses to “Dub-steppin through London

  1. I confess it’s my first time to see you do some real writing here and I can say that I’m impressed. You do write well. I also envy you for having the time of your life. Things must be pretty exciting for you right now.
    Warm Regards.

      • I believe I’ve a lot to learn from you when it comes to having some grand time ‘coz sometimes it seems like I’ve forgotten how :-). It would be great to read more real prose from you though. I look forward to that.

  2. all the nights we’ve been there have been different in a whole other level 🙂 although all the travelling its been worth it..hopefully we can hit this place again and meet our family 😀

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