Today marks one year since I left home….damn, it feels pretty good… liberating actually as I feel like I’m fulfilling a dream.


Touring nations I’ve only heard of in Geography class with just a bag, a passport and massive hangovers while observing different cultures, both day and night 😉


It’s the thrill of something new and adventurous that creates a desire within me to see more of what the world has to offer.


But one can never forget their roots and mines are from the humble island of Bermuda…where the sea is blue, sand is perfect and the sun hangs over all day long.

Where the people are chill and turn a national holiday a beach or boat party…both consisting of lots of drinking, blazing and good dancing.


Where party is the culture of the nation and even your manager takes out for whiskeys with his family for lunch. The typical way to start your work day is to wake n’ bake…. Especially in the landscaping department.


Where the legendary Johnny Barnes wishes you a good day on the way to work every morning and then his statue seconds later.

It’s where my family is and where I spent my youth and where some of the best summers can be spent.


Bermuda is my home and I sense a return on the arisen.


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