Day 8: On the border with Rwanda

A college friend of mine is doing charity work in Africa right now and I just thought I’d share her post and raise awareness of the organization she is helping out, its really small at the moment but she said it’ll be great if you simply ‘like’ their Facebook page and raise their profile

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Breakfast was prepared at 8 o’clock, Mamma Saturday , the lady who takes care of the house and grandma of the twins, prepares every morning omelette and fresh fruits and in the evening the ‘real African dinner’ (rise, mashed green banana’s, avocado, beans, peanut-sauce, potato’s and some other vegetables). When I finish eating I am not allowed to clean my own plate nor help her with anything. I’m absolutely not used to this, but I really think she enjoys taking care of others.

Today I did not go to Child Africa school, instead I accompanied Julie, Amy, Barbra and Paddie. We drove to a school located on the border with Rwanda, it’s one of the schools where Child Africa has sponsor kids. Most of the children are orphans or come from very very poor families. The school has more than 300 kids, but only 16 are being sponsored!!! So there…

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