Eurotrip Part 2 (Berlin episode 1)

After my hangover in Hannover, I decided to take the short train ride to Germany’s capital, Berlin.

Once I settled into my hostel I went to visit an old roommate around 8pm (Lienau) who said I could stay in his flat once he leaves on his own Asia trip the next day.

I get there, meet his mom who’s saying goodbye and taking him to the airport the next day, and his roommate… a really cute blonde who you’ll hear more about later.

So we catch up, share stories and then he offers me a joint, because his tennis friends gave him a few grams as a going away present.

I ask his if his mom’s okay with it…. since she’s sitting right there.

“Meh…. she doesn’t give a shit just say I didn’t buy it if she asks.”

So as he rolls, Mrs. Lienau and I talk a bit…and I swear she’s hitting on me… unsure what to do I just nod my head and try to figure out how to get around this…. luckily enough the joints rolled before I had to defend myself.

We start smoking… and immediately start coughing and wheezing, cuz that was some STRONG SHIT!! As the weight of the joint suddenly transforms from a few grams into a few hundred pounds… I ask him, what kind of weed it is…

“Super silver haze, direct from Amsterdam,” he says.

God…damn…. As we finish what we can (saved the rest for later) we play some tune and the 3 of us start chatting.

Things go smoothly until Mrs. Lienau starts touching me and says…

“You have really smooth legs..”

I’m shocked and confused, coming to my defence Lienau says..

“Mom…… you’re fucking with his high.”

Eventually, things calm down a bit and we decide to call it a night but before I leave, Lienau pulls me back and says…

“Just wanna tell you bro, Berlin’s a crazy place, probably even crazier than Barca… you’ll see.”

I take his word for it; we say our goodbyes and I decide to satisfy my munchies at McDonald’s with a Big Mac….one Big Mac…yet I saw three in my hand.

I was officially high…. After eating my magical burger I made it back to the hostel…to realize it was only 11pm…all of that happened in 3 hours???

What the hell??? Damn that is some good weed.

But as you will soon find out Berlin really is a crazy place, as I had 3 more nights to go…


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