First day with Stoke Travel

After finally completing my time in London, I pursued with my much-awaited return to Barcelona, and to begin work with Stoke Travel.

Once getting my VISA, apartment and all that pointless shit sorted I contacted my employers to see when we can meet, conveniently a team meeting was set for the next day at lunchtime.

Destination: Stoke Bar

Time: 2pm

Not entirely sure what to expect, I refrained from ordering a pint as I got there slightly early, wearing jeans and a Bob Marley t-shirt. Damn, was I over-dressed…. They arrived minutes later with torn up t-shirts, shorts, flip-flops and the girls wearing bikinis underneath.

The first order of the day, PINTS FOR EVERYONE! Damn, I love this job already, we move upstairs to chill on the couch and get our marketing plans sorted…most of us just chilaxin on our backs and talking complete bullshit the entire meeting…

Once all the business talk was over, we agree to meet for an ‘International Party’ and BBQ at the office later on…but for now we drink during the 4 hour wait, getting to know everyone and the sexy bartender the vibes got to the point where we start to dance in the street bustin’ loud reggaeton and dirty British music from the bar.

Pints continue to flow, until we realize its time to get to the BBQ… with the buzz flowing through our veins we arrive to the office. First thing I see are the interns on the terrace sunbathin’ and drinkin’ beer… whilst satisfying online demand of course. I step inside to see people takin a nap on the bed and flexin’ to good tunes whilst those awake took over all things business, cuz in the end shits gotta get done.

Getting to know the crew, I realize that this is no average bunch, ranging from Poland and Australia, to Cali and Slovakia this is proper diverse group.

Bustin’ tune from all our nations you know I gotta represent the 441 (Bermuda) with our very own Collie Buddz… considering an American was cookin the meal we had them Nachos w/Burgers n Fries…with amigos arriving high and on them munchies, plus people needin to fulfil their drunk craving, in 20 minutes …. We were a happy group of drunkies.

My memory fades a bit after that, and I took advantage of the chance to go home and get much needed rest after getting my bureaucratic shit sorted. I need all the rest I can get before the party really gets started, because in a city like Barcelona, sleep is an accessory, not a necessity.

But what I wanna say about my work crew at Stoke Travel, is that the vibes are good, the people are chill and business is poppin’.

With boat parties (with unlimited free beer n wine) and festivals galore if you ever care to join the fun hit me up or check out the website @

One Love


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