The 2 ways to travel.

Last summer during my Eurotrip, strapped with little cash, clothes or direction… improvising every move I made…. I noticed that there are two completely different ways to travel.

There’s the observant way, where you walk/cycle around the city, exploring each corner or street from sunrise ‘til sunset, appreciating the weather, food and culture or…… the drunk n’ wild way.

Despite the latter often being the case, places like Montpellier, Marseille, Valencia and Hannover kept me entertained with their unique beauty, landmarks and people. My friends in those places took me to some amazing museums and parks as well. Not to mention they were fantastic cities to recover from party towns like Barcelona and Berlin, which left me completely fucked…

Although I haven’t been to Africa or South America….. yet. I can see them both being places of natural beauty, which produce an exotic experience that you can’t achieve in most of Europe or North America, which is what every traveller wants to experience.

Free, stunning, and unrivalled are the words I think of at just the sheer mention of the Africa Safari or Amazon Rainforest…both of which are on my “Bucketlist”. I’m not talking about those lame tours either but experiencing it from a local perspective, otherwise your just another wealthy tourist passing through.

Although I’m moving to Barcelona in 10 days to work with Stoke Travel…who hopefully will succeed in their ambition of having a trip for Carnival in Rio, I expect this to be a springboard for something special.

With plenty of drunken nights/days accomplished during my last big trip, with Part 1 of the series written already. I hope to see what the world was like before mankind came in and fucked it all up, and hopefully before we finish off whatever is left.

Because that’s the purpose of travelling, witnessing the book we call Earth, and I’ve quite a few chapters left I’m eager to read.


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