Last summer I decided to take a Europe trip to meet some friends I met in University. To spare shitty details my first high octane stop was in Hanover, Germany to see a good friend from Estonia.

She had settled to work at the main Casino…my type of girl 😉 and told me about a festival called Schützenfest…what I didn’t know is that it would be one of the most fucked up nights of my life.

Starting slow with beers and catching up…we decided to step it up with shots and quick drinking… and for those that think mixing drinks and rollercoaster’s is a bad idea…your wrong.


With my mind in a happy place from the wonderful Deutsch beer that’s cheaper than water…getting flung like a ragdoll at 80mph was like poppin’ ecstasy.


And he didn’t as we were having a blast!! Then we ran into some co-workers of hers…who were also club promoters

Drinks and flirting with the bartender ensued, with one of the promoters telling me his friend got an amazing blowjob from her and I should go for it…. But she said I had to wait 2 hrs for her to knock off…. Fuck waiting, I decided to party, to keep my buzz going.

Club hopping and free drinks followed….these bastards never let me finish a glass before getting me a new double Jack n’ Coke.

Blurry vision and dancing commenced well into the morning…eventually I was taken home by an extremely drunk driver, who told me of his time in Cairo…. I suggest everyone who reads this to go there, parties are INSANE!!

The next morning I wake with a killer HANGOVER IN HANOVER! Look in the mirror to see my eyes blood red and mutter…

Fuck…. You….    Never…Again..

Didn’t stay true to that however.

Because after a few more drunk nites in Hanover… next stop was BERLIN!!



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