Discovering Yourself

I’m only one week away from finishing up my Master’s programme in London, studying Sport’s Journalism…. But even now I don’t feel like a Journalist, I never was one.

I’m a traveller, aged 21 I’ve been to over 20 countries and 50 cities and I have no intention of stopping. Journalism is too restricting for me, especially learning from the often narrow-minded British, creativity is my thing, which is part of the reason why I started this blog…that and I just like writing complete bullshit sometimes.

But it wasn’t until last summer that I decided to have a future in the travel biz when I completed a mini-Eurotrip…. And through all the pints, joints and painful mornings I realized something, this is what makes me happy.

Not the persistent drinking n’ shit, but rather the experience of new cultures and meeting dozens of new people everyday, learning portions of the language as I passed by, and of course getting smashed.

Fortunately, I know what I want to do at the age of 21 for the rest of my life, work in the travel business and blog for a company or two… like Stoke Travel, the one I’m going to start for this June.

But I don’t really believe that it was completely the travelling aspect of last summer that aided me in this discovery but also just having moments alone, having to think on your feet and sustain yourself in an ever-changing environment as I passed through border after border.

That alone is challenging, and meeting new people and their profession helps guide you into what you really want to do.

Before last summer I was accepted for my Master’s in Sports Journalism….with a half-ass intention of actually becoming a Journalist, mostly because you needed 3-years work experience for an MBA. But for now… I’ll take this piece of paper, but I won’t feel as though it defines me, I’m gonna work in something I actually like and if I feel like taking another course relevant to what I do, then I will.

Plus I was told many times I would make a terrible journalist anyway… one person even said the reason was that I actually ‘have a heart’.


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