Hit by a Car!

Earlier in my blog, I wrote about how I used to be a terrorist on the roads…this is an incident where Mother Karma bitched back….with a vengeance.

A few weeks before my high school graduation I started riding slow…because I had College to look forward to and I didn’t wanna fuck it up by dying.

On the way to pickin’ up my girl at the time, I was being a good boy, riding slower than a pedestrian driver; I was on the expressway to Happy-days.

Then suddenly shit took a sharp turn to the left in the direction of Fuck-ville, and I heard a loud screech of tires, I knew it was a car but all that came to mind was….

“Ughh… really?”

BAM!!…suddenly I’m flung 10 feet into the air as a Jeep anally raped my moped.

But as I’m flying through the air….. I’m not struck by fear, but I’m in awe, because I was flying in slow motion!! The flight felt like it lasted a lifetime, and below I saw my moped getting ripped to shreds as it danced across the concrete road.

The guys who hit me check to see if I’m okay… and then start begging that I don’t call the cops because the driver has a warrant out for his arrest.

So they offer me weed and a free fix-up at their friend’s garage… I accept, then comes the ambulance, they look con-fuckled at the fact I’m still alive and standing… and ask if I’m alright.

Guilty of occasionally being an idiot I chose the free weed route and waved them off, started my bike and following them.

A few miles in my arm begins to feel heavy…then unbearably heavy..so I stop to get some ice from the store…when I come out, my mom’s standing by my ride….. Bermuda’s too fucking small!

We drive to the hospital where the guy who hit me is waiting, turns out I broke my arm… o well.

The police come to take him to prison and I get stuck with a cast right before my Graduation… kinda looks like it broke it wanking too hard to be honest

At least I got free weed 🙂


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