How men DRINK!!

Starting University can be a difficult time for anyone, when I first moved to Barcelona, I was only 17 years old and was dropped to survive on my own in a completely new language and culture.

Fortunately, I made some really good friends in my first few weeks and after some opening parties, the guys decided we have a night out, just for us.

There were five of us, we met at one of our flats and had 3 bottles to split between us for pre-drinking…what ensued I will never forget.

We were very diverse, coming from Finland (Firasso), Armenia (Gasp), Denmark (Bergholdt), Russia(Lev) and Bermuda(me)…we’re all from alcoholic nations, terrible combination from our livers point of view.

We started playin’ poker, and only the winner avoided having to down a glass of liquor per hand… not content with live poker, Firasso was playin online at the same time…

Learning poker the hard way, I realize beginners luck is preventing me from passing out and Firasso was winnin’ every single careless ‘All In’ online…suddenly his account stacked from 10 to 600 euros in 40 minutes…SHAMOONNN!!

He decided to withdraw 400 for VIP in the club and off we went, the venue Sutton, the guests…5 drunk ass motherfuckers. Poppin’ bottle after bottle the night turns into a thrill…women everywhere in our section as we overlook a dancefloor overflowin’ with hundreds of people.

As the night wears on, I realize Firasso passin’ out on the couch.. I step over and ask

“You okay bro?”

He responds by dancing like a wacky waving inflatable tubeman, jumps on the table above the crowd and goes ballistic…

Bemused…I turn and see Bergholdt giving a loud Danish ROAR! As he nearly falls over the VIP wall, Lev and Gasp are dancin on the podium fucked off their faces…so I join them, fuck it why not?

Being too drunk to see straight, we lose each other so Lev and I get a cab…incapable of remembering our address, we tell the driver take us to a metro station near the flat where  the night started.

Lev gets out the cab…and too this day I’m not sure how he didn’t break his neck going down the stairs but fuck me he somehow managed to zig-zag his way down…

7am now, we knock on Firasso’s door, he opens it, red-eyed from all the alcohol and lets us in….in the bathroom I notice Gasp passed out on the toilet with his pants down and Bergholdt face-planted on the living room floor.

Oh.. and it was a weeknight, class started at 9.

It wasn’t my wildest nite by far, but 3 years on mayhem ensued and I consider this night to be the kick-off..

Remember kids, party hard, party Barcelona

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