To witness a KIDNAPPING!

In summer of ’07 I was working for a private contractor as a trainee electrician.  It was a fuckin’ fantastic job cuz all we did was make conversation with the ladies and talk shit to each other… whilst doing our job of course.

One mornin’ I noticed that a mirror to my moped was stolen and I was actually kinda relieved…. because they looked kinda faggy on my ride and I was gonna take them down that night.

So as I meet with the guys for work, me and a co-worker…. (let’s call him Stewie ) were sent to an address which neither of us knew, for a job.

As we’re on my moped we realise we went passed the house and as we tried to turn in the middle of the street…then… SHIT HAPPENED!!!

We get rammed on our side by a black car with tinted windows, my rides crumbling beneath me and as soon as I regain composure I see Stewie getting smacked across the face and tossed into the car by two guys.

One of them tells me…”This isn’t of your concern”

And despite memorizing the license plate before they drove off…I followed the “Negro Code” that is, NO SNITCHIN’!!

Plus this type of shit always happened to Stewie…. he somehow managed to get raped by a crazy bitch the previous week after getting drugged by her.

So I called my boss and told him Stewie got kidnapped… he asked if I was serious, which I said I was and he burst out laughing XD.

We agreed calling the police would be too much hassle and he’ll pop up eventually.

Which he did…apparently they were looking for a paedophile that was sextin’ their lil’ cousin… followed her description, found Stewie, gave him a concussion with his own helmet and took him to the girl…

He wasn’t even the right guy….. XD

Sure enough they drop him off at the hospital, from where he called us and told us everything… he was given time off to recover but we gave him so much shit for it when he got back…

Later that day on my ride home I noticed that the other faggy mirror had broken off during the kidnappin’… problem solved with minimal effort.

For those concerned about Stewie he’s doing perfectly fine now and we still joke, about it to this day.


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