Look before you pee…

During my time in Barcelona…partying was an everyday occurrence, whether it be a house party, bar hoppin’ or poppin’ bottles in the club, late nights were a frequent occasion.

On one of those club nights, my crew and I went to a place called Otto Zutz, we decided we were tired of the R&B section on the first floor and move to the House room above.

Fucked off my face and dancing with a hot blonde, my night is going ok so far…

Then my bladder vibrantly gets my attention and I decided to take a piss…being completely smashed off my face I had no idea where the bathroom was, despite going earlier that night.

So I stumbled out a door to find myself on the 2nd floor of a fire escape….and think…fuck it, why not?

I unleash my fire hydrant to soon realize a man was sprinting up the stairs…it was the bouncer…wishin’ me to rot in hell the bastard locks my arm behind my back and drags me down the stairs…I can’t help but have a fat smile on my face, because his head smelt like a strong mix of piss and Jack Daniels.


Eventually he takes me to the front door and throws me in front of a moving car, I probably deserved it.

I haven’t been allowed back into that club.

But hey, when a man’s gotta go…HE’S GOTTA GO!

Apparently I upgraded  my urinal depository because the above photo was taken during a recent trip to Valencia…


Party Hard, Party Stoke 😉



4 responses to “Look before you pee…

  1. Ha, this is awesome. I studied abroad a few years ago and I was in a similar situation. We were doing pretour in Brussels. I was smashed, and went outside to pee on a building. Bathroom was too crowded, harmless enough right? Except like 7 alarms went off, and 4 people ran out with my junk hanging out. They screamed at me in words I didn’t understand and I hurried back to the bar. Who knew buildings had pee detectors?

      • Right? That’s when you know it’s bad. When you have to wait in line for a urinal. Then they deserve our pee, wherever it may land

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