I wanna go FAST!

In Bermuda, the common thing to do when you first get your new moped is to fit it with illegal parts, race and hopefully not die. All of us have experienced near death occasions on the road, whether it be by our own negligence or just someone else being an asshole.

Here’s a case of me nearly dying…because of my own stupidity.

I’m in high school and class just ended, I live about 20 minutes away, so me and a friend decide to race home. For those who don’t know the size of the roads in Bermuda…their tiny, so small that the Government has limits on what cars are eligible to drive on them.

So, as we start off for yet another race, I decide to use some tactics because last time we rode…we were neck and neck until the final stretch until his bike’s power shat on mine down the final stretch. Since mine’s is more agile, I thought I’d take a few risky turns and roads along the way.

We start basic for the first 10 minutes, over-taking here and there until we both spot a Police car ahead….it stopped him, but not me…I cut across the street and nearly hit a car in order to speed down a foot path. There I gain pace, pass my friend and the Police (Fuck them by the way), but along the road I notice a women walking her baby…so I dodge them by turning on to the grass and realize the road is coming up and I have to cross it to get on the correct side.

That’s when I notice a bus coming from the other direction….too late to stop so I accelerate, and as I past the final tree I realize a car coming from the other direction…and the gap between life and death closing on me.

FUCK IT!!! Full throttle between the car and bus I go, then I realize I’m heading directly into a turn, so I make a hard right Valentino Rossi would be proud of….just to realize the traffic ahead of me was stopping….so I squeeze through traffic on the centre line until I can find space on either side…then I hear police sirens.

So eventually, I find a place to stop and the cop…obviously pissed off asked me….

“Son…Why are you drivin’ like a jackass”… my response

“I was racing”

He smirks, and realizes I couldn’t give a damn about what he had to say, and let me go.

And until my engine blew from stress…. there was only one way to go, FAST!!


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